What We DoWebHostCoupons is not your average coupon website when in need of a good web hosting deal. Instead, we aim to provide exclusive offers, as well as daily updated coupons that actually work. Forget about the disappointment of finding a deal and realizing it expired months ago. Our expert team is dedicated to hunting the web on a daily basis and updating the website whenever a new offer come up. With years of experience in the background, we believe we are pretty good at it.

Every coupon we provide on our website is the lowest price our experts could find, sold by a reputable company that will not let you down.

What we can promise you

Here at WebHostCoupons, we do stand by our claims. We claim to scout the best deals in the web hosting industry, period. We will not offer deals to particular companies just because they are out partners. Sure, we try to establish partnerships with the top players on the market, but we do it with a reason – getting a series of exclusive deals. Therefore, some of the coupons come from our partners, while others do not. The general idea is pretty simple – as long as they are too good to be ignored, they will make it to our website.

We want the best for our visitors, which means we sometimes have to take action against specific web hosting companies. We ban all the stores with a proven reputation of poor customer service, tricky terms and conditions or hidden costs. Unfortunately, these issues are quite common. Do not be surprised if you can find a deal on another website, but not on ours. Chances are it has already expired or the respective company is likely to scam you. It sounds harsh, but our team is dedicated to ensure that it will not happen to you.

Finally, we promise to be objective. Our team at WebHostCoupons makes no difference between our advertisers and random companies. We will never come up with a coupon from our advertisers if it is not a good deal. After all, why would you take it if you can find a better deal from another company? Our experts try to make this job easy for you, rather than overwhelm you with dozens of deals that make no sense.

We are obsessed with the service we provide and we are not ashamed to mention it. Our dedication is obsessive, but it helps us list the best deals only. Our philosophy helped WebHostCoupons become one of the most visited coupon websites in the world. We are read by tens of thousands of coupon-hungry visitors month by month. Not so bad for a portal created years ago, only for a few friends to share the best coupons that they could find, huh?

Only the best deals make it to our portal

Over the years, our staff has become expert in spotting and hunting good deals. We will not upload all the coupons we find though. We have also received thousands of emails regarding special offers and coupons. Our professionals double check each deal before posting it, so only the best few hundred deals make it to our website everyday. Why would we post 1,000 coupons when most people only care about the top 10 or 50?

We teach you how to shop

With so many years of experience, we provide professional shopping tips and advice in terms of web hosting. You will not only find the best deals on WebHostCoupons, but you can also read our simplified shopping guides, whether you are not sure about a domain name or you have no clue about the potential monthly traffic. Our team puts everything in perspective, leading to more informed decisions.

What to expect from us

We define ourselves with three major characteristics – straightforward, techy and thorough.

There is plenty of bad advice over the Internet. It is one of its drawbacks. So we figured, why not try to be straightforward and actually educate our visitors before giving them coupons?
Guides, advice and tips will help you figure what you truly need. Voilà!

We eat and breathe coupons. As full time operators of WebHostCoupons, we are professionally trained to know what we are talking about. We are techy and proud!

Building a website can be a hobby, but also a business opportunity or lifestyle. We are detailed orientated and we go the extra mile to guarantee for a thorough experience.