Submit Coupon Tips

Submitting coupons of webhostcoupons can be a bit of a process. If you are a web hosting service provider and have good offers up your sleeve and want the same promoted on the platform, this is the best place for you to showcase them.

The process of submission is quite easy and definitely something that you can do in a record time. if you have some amazing ongoing discounts to the users visiting the website.

The steps of submission include:

  • First, you need to start off by selecting the store.
  • Following that, select the category of the hosting type that you have the coupons for – be it dedicated or even the cloud hosting. Make sure to mention the type because that is what is going to be displayed on the coupon hosting page.
  • Once you are done with that, select the coupon code that you want the customers to apply while they check out after the purchase.
  • After that is sorted out, you can add in couple image and any affiliate link you need for the same.
  • You should even add in the expiration date for the coupon so that the customers know till when the coupon is valid.

These are the simple steps you need to follow in order to publish your coupons on the website. Every single one of the step is mandatory, so make sure that you don’t skip out on any of them.