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MediaTemple was purchased by GoDaddy in the fall of 2013. While it does borrow some of GoDaddy’s standards in terms of quality and operations, the provider mentioned that it still operated independently. GoDaddy’s relaunch with a reinvention story was the factor that convinced both parties to sign. It does not mean that you can use MediaTemple coupons for GoDaddy and vice versa. In fact, each company is responsible for its own special offers.

MediaTemple coupons are targeted at both inexpensive plans for beginners and advanced packages for large businesses. They vary in the offers they come up with, so you might find deals for yearly contracts, monthly payments or even no fees or taxes. Make sure you double check the expiry date and grab them from a trustworthy source. Signing up to MediaTemple’s mailing list is also a great idea to get some special offers by mail.

Now, the average user would think about it – is it worth the hassle of trying to find any MediaTemple coupons?

Web Hosting Packages

MediaTemple is one of the most diversified providers on the market. It has a plethora of different plans and packages that it might be a bit confusing to decide on one. Perhaps finding the right MediaTemple coupons first and choosing the plan after could be a better idea.

The entry level plans are suitable for personal accounts and small businesses. This entry level is based on the technology you need in terms of performance. You can opt for website builder, shared, managed WordPress, free and AWS Cloud hosting. Obviously, each option comes with its own characteristics regarding quality standards, but the general idea is the same.

The website builder hosting plan might raise some question marks because it is not as popular as others. The provider has teamed up with Virb, a website builder provider, so it can now use its packages. It is a reliable program that can easily compete with more reputable options. For example, you can host your website in the cloud and have as many pages as you want. Keep in mind that MediaTemple coupons will not work with Virb’s services.

Grid hosting – also known as shared hosting – provides more flexibility. You have three standard options. Differences? Easy – the amount of websites you can create, database, storage and bandwidth. The more expensive premium plan has a few extras that can make your experience much more pleasant – your primary hunt for MediaTemple coupon codes.

Professional Hosting Solutions

Those who run large websites for businesses can opt for one of the most advanced hosting plans. There are three options – VPS, dedicated and cloud. In terms of security, the dedicated server is the most advanced one. Also, if you choose virtual private serve hosting, you can have it managed or unmanaged. The unmanaged one is recommended to professional users who have no issues dealing with Linux command lines. You can choose between CentOS, Ubuntu and Debian.

Uptime and Guarantee

There is no such thing as an uptime guarantee, but MediaTemple offers 20% off your monthly fee for every 20 minutes past a standard 20 minute downtime. You can request up to 100% of your bill. It takes about five days to get the money. However, there are no online reports about it, so it is less likely to happen.

Customer Service and Support

MediaTemple provides 24/7/365 support. You can always pop in and ask your question. There are multiple options, such as tickets, live chat, Twitter or phone. The phone number is based in the USA, so international users are better with the live chat if they want instant replies.

The activity forum is a good choice as well, as plenty of users provide help and tips to support each other. Some of them may even share MediaTemple coupons every once in a while. It is worth checking everywhere for such special offers and perks.

How to Apply Your MediaTemple Coupons

Applying your MediaTemple promo codes is fairly simple. When you make an upgrade or sign up as a new user, you will see a designated slot for coupons before paying. Make sure the coupon is still valid – check its date. If it is, it will be applied instantly.


In the end, it is definitely worth looking for MediaTemple coupons. You gain access to a professional service and multiple hosting plans to match everyone’s online needs.