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One of the greatest things Lunarpages has done over the last few decades is keeping up with technology. Many old web hosting providers fail after a while because they cannot do that. Lunarpages remained relevant to its audience though. Infrastructure is updated on a regular basis, while hosting packages are upgraded and feature plenty of attractive new features – all these at the same competitive rates its users are aware of.

From this point of view, you will obviously find some handy Lunarpages coupons here and there, available in more forms and with all kinds of special offers. You might get 50% off your first year or fees ditched for the duration of your agreement, just to name a few examples. Coupons vary widely, hence the importance of checking them out on a regular basis. Sign up their mailing lists too for relevant offers, as that is where many special offers are hidden.

But then, are these Lunarpages coupon codes actually worth the hassle? What can you expect from this provider?

Personal Hosting Packages

The personal hosting package is the cheapest, yet you might still be able to apply some Lunarpages coupons to your deal. It is mostly recommended to beginners and newbies. It is based on Linux, hence the low costs. There are two different plans under this package. The starter one comes with an in-house control panel, 5GB of disk space and 50GB of bandwidth, among other features.

The basic Linux hosting is supposed to be a bit more advanced and comes with a free domain name, as well as the Weebly website builder, cPanel, unlimited bandwidth and storage.

The interesting news is that both plans are similar in costs. Moreover, a good coupon will make the basic plan cheaper than the limited starter plan.

Shared Hosting Packages

There are three plans under the shared hosting package – premium, advantage and enterprise. There are no differences between one and another apart from bandwidth and storage. At a first glance, they are more costly than what you can get from other providers, but they come with some bonuses:

  • PCI compliance
  • Dedicated IP address
  • cPanel
  • SSL certificate

It is up to you to decide if it is worth it based on the costs. Any of these plans does become a viable solution if you also apply a few Lunarpages coupons.

There is also a Windows hosting shared package that will bring in MS SQL and MS Access, Sharepoint, ASP and .NET. You also have unlimited storage and a free domain name included in the price.

Cloud VPS and Dedicated Hosting

The cloud VPS package comes in a single plan only. You can easily upgrade it for more relevant addons and bonuses, but most of them will cost extra money, so calculate your needs first. You can choose between CentOS 7, Ubuntu and Windows, but you also get a free domain name if you pay for a full year upfront.

Dedicated hosting works on both Linux and Windows. Three different plans are available with pretty much the same characteristics, only they run on different computers with different RAM memory. Prices also differ. These plans come with 2 IP addresses each, 10TB of bandwidth, SSD storage and the possibility to be upgraded. Browsing for some Lunarpages coupons will most likely make them cheaper than from other providers.


Some of the main addons you can use to upgrade your package include managed hosting, premium email accounts, Baruwa spam fitering and SecureLive Security. They can be added on any plan.

Also, apart from looking for Lunarpages coupons, you can get discounts by paying over a longer period of time. You can pay for 1 month, 10 years or many other options in between.

How to Apply Your Lunarpages Coupons

Once you find some Lunarpages promo codes, you can apply them before you make the payment. You will find a dedicated slot for the coupon to go. Write the code yourself or copy and paste it. The discount is applied before you are taken to the payment page, so you can tell whether it worked or not. Check the expiry date to make sure upfront.


In the end, Lunarpages has done well over the years. It has managed to keep up with the competition and remain a strong player on a competitive market. While its quality standards and customer service are incontestable, hosting packages are more expensive than from other providers unless you manage to find some Lunarapages coupons.​