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Established in 1997, LiquidWeb is one of the world’s oldest web hosting providers. It hosts more than half a million websites, some of them belonging to world renowned brands worth billions. Given the slightly more expensive price, it does make sense to choose quality and find some LiquidWeb coupons to keep the costs at the lowest possible rate. The good news? There are plenty of them – just search in the right place and double check the expiry date.

LiquidWeb promo codes are released on a regular basis. Older customers are more likely to get them free over email, yet new users will probably be able to sign up with a major discount as well – just check terms and conditions. They have expiry dates, so avoid planning without checking these dates or your whole plan might become useless in terms of finances.

Furthermore, LiquidWeb owns all of its hardware equipment, which makes it superior because of the full control over what it can give its customers. But then, is it really worth it?

WordPress Optimized Servers

One of the few plans offered by LiquidWeb revolves around WordPress and bloggers. When installed on professional servers, WordPress runs up to ten times faster than on shared hosts. You have full management of your website and can benefit from free migration, automatic plugin updates, free SSL certificates, image compression or security monitoring – again, many tools that you will not be able to find in shared plans.

In terms of website management, your options are even more diversified. However, LiquidWeb’s in-house tool is actually quite efficient. Known as Sync Pro, it is basically a control panel giving access to a plethora of functions. All in all, given the popularity of WordPress blogging, you will probably find lots of LiquidWeb coupon codes targeting this package.

Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting comes in more varieties, so it can suit anyone’s needs. The cloud website is practically a package by itself. You can host a few different websites. Many content management systems are pre-installed, so all you have to do is install them with a couple of clicks.

It is worth noting that cloud hosting does not involve virtual private servers. Instead, your stuff will be hosted on a few different servers for maximum reliability.

Cloud VPS hosting is different and covers multiple packages. Obviously, everything is flexible. You need more resources, so you pay more. This is when it makes sense to look for LiquidWeb coupons, as many of them are specifically released for more expensive plans.

Control Panels

Unlike other web hosting providers, LiquidWeb allows two of the most popular control panels out there. cPanel is by far the most popular one due to its friendly and straightforward interface.

Plesk is not to be overlooked either. While not as popular, it is the primary choice for many other web hosting providers. Its main advantage? Everything together in one place. Whether you are interested in website management or server management, you can do everything from one panel – no more confusion and frustration.

Automation and Management

LiquidWeb grows with your business. When your website reaches traffic limits, you would have to upgrade – new plans, new payments, new hassle. Scaling is much easier in LiquidWeb because it normally takes a few clicks to upgrade, without having to buy all the stuff again. Sometimes, it takes even less because the process is automated. You are less likely to find LiquidWeb coupons for scaling though.

As for the actual management, you will love to know that all servers are fully managed. Engineers will take care of security, maintenance, updates and so on.

How to Apply Your LiquidWeb Coupons

If your coupon is available like a code over email or the Internet, just select it all, copy it and paste it in the designated slot. You will find this slot after you choose all the services and you are ready to pay. If it is only a picture, simply write it yourself.

Coupons may come in different forms though, yet they are usually discount codes. Special offers are released on a regular basis too.


Bottom line, your LiquidWeb coupons are definitely worth a try. You pay for quality and reliability, so expect to pay more than for a basic shared hosting plan. This is what makes coupons such a good option – much higher quality for similar prices once your coupons go through.