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Dual-Hexa Core 32 GB Ram, 240 GB SSD Un-Metered Bandwidth now $59! Less

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These days, Turnkey Internet has around 13,000 clients. They are spread all over the world, in more than 100 countries. When compared to other providers, its numbers are not so impressive. But when you go through its statistics, service and quality standards, you will be impressed. All these aspects make the provider look like an exclusive one, yet it is actually among the cheapest options on the market. Plus, you will also find all kinds of Turnkey Internet coupons to make this whole venture even cheaper.

Turnkey Internet coupons are quite diversified and may target multiple areas. You will most likely find coupons as you sign up – various monthly discounts, full year discounts, no fees and so on. Always check the expiry date before making any budgeting plans, as they are available for a specific period of time only. Certain coupons are available to existing users too, especially when trying to upgrade or come up with another longterm agreement.

Linux and Windows Shared Hosting

Turnkey Internet has a plethora of hosting plans. There are two Linux based shared packages though – both of them based on cPanel. They come with professional security, unlimited bandwidth, storage, email accounts and MySQL databases. This last feature is an innovation if you compare this provider to its competition, as most other providers barely give you one or two MySQL databases.

When it comes to Windows, you have three different packages. Some of the features include Plesk, Windows Server 2012, MySQL databases and ASP.NET support. If you are looking for unlimited features, you can count on as many email accounts as you want. Plus, automated backups represent a plus. Plans depend on the actual bandwidth, domains, databases and storage space.

Both Basic and Advanced Hosting

Looking for a basic solution for your small business or a presentation? The website builder plans are excellent then. They provide the basic – email, hosting and a drag-and-drop website builder. The website builder has more than 2,000 good looking templates. Other features include backups, as well as dedicated IPs and SSL certificates if you are up for an online shop.

How about SEO? Some Turnkey Internet coupons are specifically created for SEO hosting – there are three plans. They feature the famous cPanel and multiple non-shared IPs to help in online SEO rankings. The bandwidth and available space are unlimited – the amount of IP addresses is the factor that makes the difference.

Looking for something more professional? With quite a few VPS packages and dedicated servers, Turnkey Internet also targets large businesses and advanced users who want more security and control. Prices depend on aspects like bandwidth, RAM and CPU core. If you want to take it even further, you can customize your own server – only available per request.

Customer Service and Uptime

The customer service is available on a 24/7/365 basis. It is a new trend these days for agents to be available round the clock and Turnkey Internet just could not miss it. The staff is knowledgeable and well trained, while the answers are straightforward. You also have multiple contact options. You can even ask about certain Turnkey Internet coupons if you do not know how to use them, yet the staff will never provide any codes.

Unlike other providers, Turnkey Internet offers an exquisite 100% uptime guarantee. How? Easy! It runs on renewable energy, which is less likely to finish too soon.

Backup Support

Turnkey Internet is probably the only well established provider out there that takes backups so seriously for its customers’ peace of mind. Each plan out there – even the cheapest ones – will provide automatic backup support. Users can get 10GB of storage for free. Most services charge $50 to $100 a year for the exact same feature. You can opt for backups on a regular basis – daily, weekly or perhaps monthly.

How to Apply Your Turnkey Internet Coupons

If you have used coupons before, you should have no problems applying your Turnkey Internet coupons. Simply put the code into the designated place before the actual payment. If it is still valid and not expired, the coupon will be instantly applied and displayed before making a payment.


In the end, Turnkey Internet coupons provide a solid deal for a solid business. Turnkey Internet has already proven its point in terms of reliability and consistency, so a few coupons can only make things better.​